The Current State of SEO in the Philippines


SEO in the Philippines is now becoming more challenging these days given that the search engines are considering several factors to determine websites that deserve to be on the top spots of search results. One factor is the authority/influence of a website towards its targeted audience. When the website is always providing value to its […]

Link Building for Brand Recognition


This is a guest entry by Andrew Dennis, a Content Marketing Specialist at Page One Power. He also regularly contributes to Linkarati and Biznology. When he’s not writing or reading about link building, you’ll find Andrew discussing link building in the G+ Link Builders community. As links remain at the very core of Google’s search algorithm, they continue to be an […]

How to Create a Sustainable Link Building Plan


The future of link building lies on the intention, purpose and creativity of search professionals and the actions taken by webspam team in response to the behavior of today’s link builders. Though there’s no absolute truth in those link building posts, there is only one thing that we can assure about – No one can […]