How to Monitor Your Backlinks this 2014 and Beyond


One of the difficult aspects of link building is finding websites or pages that can link out to your content or domain and bring targeted traffic to your website. If you can’t find a relevant and high quality page to target for link building, then it’s impossible to increase links in your website’s link profile. [...]

A Simple Broken Link Building Process for New and Intermediate Link Builders


Broken link building is still considered as one of the effective white hat link building strategies in the post-penguin era, seeing that the value it provides (telling the webmaster that there are error links in the page) will always be beneficial for both parties (the webmaster who wants to update and provide positive user experience [...]

11 Profitable Backlink Sources


Building backlinks in 2014 has been tougher than pre-penguin years and will be more difficult in the years to come. Seeing that a lot of webmasters already knew common link building tactics we SEOs are doing, it’s easy for them to detect pitches/outreaches that only aim to get links that we want from websites we’re [...]

How to Earn Reciprocal Links That Google Will Approve Of


A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites. It is a link pursued by many search professionals in the past, for their own sake to achieve immediate higher rankings in search results. However, this practice (unethical reciprocal linking or link exchanges) had been disapproved by Google and was already listed in the link [...]

How to Increase Responses from Link Requests (Classic Examples, Recommendations and a lot more)


A link request is an email sent to a prospect with the goal of earning a link back to the sender’s website. That phrase is now popularly termed as, “outreach email” or “outreach template”, seeing that the value that this approach provides is far better than just earning a link. A single outreach email could [...]