30 Branded Content Resources You Should Know About

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Strategy development aims to adapt under the existing environment as more and more competitors become aggressive with their marketing tactics. Building a brand should be part of this strategy – link building technique, not only because this is what Google loves but also it would reach your organizational goals in the long run.You may see it as a necessity to your company and can be the most difficult part of your marketing campaign for the following reasons:

  • You need to establish authority in your industry through giving value to people.
  • Be a great resource for other bloggers/brands’ content.
  • Entice target customers to purchase your service/product.

I’ve seen companies find it hard to develop their brands through common techniques (blog commenting, answering to Q&A questions, forum posting) because they do it in a spammy way and it really affects their product-selling activities because they see that none of the mentioned techniques are working well.

Do not limit your marketing campaign because you have found easy tactics from other companies. Rather, do something unique with your business by providing branded content.

Forrester defines branded content in content marketing as

Content that is developed or curated by a brand to provide added consumer value such as entertainment or education. It is designed to build brand consideration and affinity, not sell a product or service. It is not a paid ad, sponsorship, or product placement.

Three reasons why you need branded content in your content marketing strategy.

  • It identifies brand persona and provides support to your brand.
  • It increases virality and shareability of your service or product.
  • It captures the feelings of your customers.

How to’s of Branded Content

The Guide to Developing a Content Strategy for “Boring” Industries - step by step guide to building external links, ranking for more long tail keywords and developing a content strategy to all websites.

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy - helps you develop a framework on how to start building your content marketing strategy for your brand.

Branded Content Marketing—Johnson & Johnson Style - cites advantages and approaches on building a branded content marketing.

How to Develop your Branding through Content Strategy and its Effects on SEOexplains how you can be a part of your audienceand what information should be included in your content.

How Your Branded Content Can Thrive on Tumblr - a comprehensive guide on how to create and promote a successful branded content that attracts tons of visitors.

Online Brand Marketing – Building a Strong Brand Presence using SEO, Social and Content a guide on how to measure your marketing campaign and identify a unique selling point.

Create Branded Content to Show Your Company Culture: 7 Steps - extensive guide on how to use brand persona as a marketing tool to promote core values for your company.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the perfect solution to both Google’s wants and your marketing needs. If you want to make your brand known to all, don’t miss this link building technique. For the following reasons, guest blogging must be a part of your campaign.

  • It builds relationships with industry leaders.
  • It drives website traffic and high quality leads.
  • It generates social signals.
  • It builds your brand awareness.

As you find new prospects for guest blogging, you list down their author profiles, contact pages, and emails. All of thisinformation will be used for your content strategy. Website owners would respond based on how you reach them through email and social sites. You may find it hard to do all of these without tools in your hand.

Here are some guest blogging tools that I use and recommend for you start your branded content strategy.

Branded Content Tools

Guest Blog Prospector via Twitter and Google Docs - a tool that allows you to easily connect with your prospects and pitch them for guest posting.

Search Query Generator for Guest Blogging via Google Spreadsheet a guest blogging tool by Jayson Baguio that minimizes your efforts in searching for websites with guest blog pages for your targeted keywords.

Content Strategy Generator Tool – V2- creates a high quality content by combining great resources (Google news and top blogs) on your blog post.

Blogguest - engage with other bloggers in your industry, find ways for guest blogging and promote your content in this blog site.

Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring has become an essential task for any individual or corporation. You can now easily see what dialogue your brand is talking about and the number of locations your brand is being cited.Given its potential to reach other brands for partnership and link building purposes, brand monitoring is considered as an outreach tool.

Monitoring your brand is essential for the following reasons:

  • It positions your brand as an expert in a topic area.
  • It allows you to mesh with your target audience.
  • It helps you see negative listings from Google and remove them if possible.

Below are some tools that will help you track positive and negative feedbacks and see who mentions your brand.

Social Mention - real-time social media search and analysis tool.

Trackur - provides all of the social media monitoring tools you need.

Hootsuite -  a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns.

Google Alerts –your brand name, targeted keywords/phrase or your product or service and alerts will be sent automatically to you inbox daily, weekly or at any time you want.

Brand Logo

Logo identifies and gives image for the company. You can check out my article on how logo is used as an emotional branding tool for businesses.

Logo Makercreates a logo from a variety of colors, design resources and graphic effects.

Laughing Birds Softwarecreates incredible web headers and logo designs in just a few hours.

Blogging Platform

Integrating a blog on your website can become an integral part of your brand for the following reasons:

  • It can be the voice of your business.
  • It shows the brand persona of your company.
  • It educates your customers/target audience.
  • It allows you to write reviews for your products/services.
  • It improves the social and search engine rankings of your brand.

WordPress a free blogging platform and hosting service that require minimal knowledge to learn the ins and outs of this system.

Video Creation and Promotion

Video has entered into the Internet stream and internet marketers began to create strategy to promote products, services and brand name on video. Here are some tools you can use to upload, create or promote your video online:

Youtubeuse this to upload and promote your video and interact with other industry leaders through commenting on their content.

You can check out this step by step guide by Phil Nottingham on how to build a video strategy.

Go Animate allows you to create true animation – a new form of video content.

Measuring and Analysis

Every business has different metrics that usually depend on their goals and objectives as a brand. I list down free SEO tools you can use to measure and track your online business activities.

Hubspot a collection of internet marketing tools that can be used for your website and social media platforms.

Traffic Travismonitors the popularity and viewings of your website.

Google Webmastershows the basics of Google search algorithms.

Google Analytics free analytics tool to track multiple sites and monitor their social networking activities.

Ebooks for your Branded Content Strategy

Content Creation Guide several “how to” guides useful for your social media, blogging and content marketing campaign.

55 Brands Rocking Social Media with Visual Content–list of brand killing tips that will help boost your visual content strategy.

Branding in the Inbound Age–this 70+ page ebook covers all the complicated topics about online branding that will help your business achieve success in branding services.

A Word in Your Ear - a comprehensive guide on how to use radio branded content to work best on your branding campaign.

Branding and content: Finding the Right Balance focuses on considerations in making decisions to achieve the objectives of your business.

Branded Content: The beginning of a beautiful relationshiplearn the secret way to educate your clients and build relationships with them.

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