Make Your Website Rank Higher On Search Results to Increase Traffic For Your Website

From strategy development to actual outreach, you’ll learn everything in this ebook. Jumpstart your success in rankings by building only the high quality links.

What is included in it?

  • ebook-cover-1Basic and advanced link prospecting queries
  • Actionable tips to assess and analyze your backlink profile
  • 11 solid ways to find ideas for your content
  • 11 outreach templates from the world’s best link builders

Table of Contents


A short overview of search engine optimization (SEO) and link building and their importance in today’s online marketing system.

Chapter 1: Strategy

It digs deeper into some actionable tips on how to plan and strategize your own campaign. A template for a six-month link building campaign is also included in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Management

This chapter provides ideas on how you can effectively manage your resources including tools, team members and your link building process.

Chapter 3: Content Inventory & Creation

This chapter gives you eleven techniques to find topics/themes for your content and a framework to get started with content creation.

Chapter 4: Link Prospecting

This chapter will walk you through the basic search operators and search queries to help you start discover several link building targets.

Chapter 5: Promotion

This chapter covers everything you need to know about outreach and content promotion. It also includes several email templates/copies for specific link building technique (e.g. broken link building) coming from the best link builders in the search industry.

Chapter 6: Reporting

This chapter details every part you have to consider when reporting to your clients. This includes technical metrics,  SERP rankings data, Google Analytics data, and project analysis and projections.

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