Custom Link Building Services

As an SEO firm, we provide custom link building services that are based on the goals that you want to achieve for your brand. Here are some brand-related goals that you might be pursuing:

  • Increase in relevant and targeted traffic.
  • Strengthens domain authority to improve the performance of internal pages on search results.
  • Ranks certain pages for targeted keywords

When we identified your goals, we will now collect important details/information about your business which can help us customize the perfect link building strategy for your brand.



Your brand belongs to one industry. And every industry has its unique competition level that businesses must be able to cope up to win the game.

Whether or not your industry is competitive, we analyze first the strengths and weaknesses of your business to get insights on how we can easily penetrate the market and earn the trust of your target customers.

Offering (Product/Service)

Based on your brand’s offering (product/service), we can research and discover thematically-related keywords and use them in link building. Using our expertise in keyword research, we can identify phrases that people might be using to find your offerings.

The words/phrases used as anchor texts and as surrounding key phrases in third-party content can help your site’s internal pages to rank for other industry-related terms.

Available Resources/Workforce

If your site had been live for several years, then you may have resources (e.g. content assets) that we can utilize for link acquisition.

If you have an in-house team, then your team members can provide us more information about your business and your customers’ behavior to yield better link building results for your site.

Link Building Rate

Our link building service starts at $25 per hour. The minimum number of hours per month is 40. Contracts are renewal in a monthly basis so that you will not lock in to a long term contract. If you’re happy with our custom link building service, then you can sign another monthly contract.