How to Promote Your Blog [Infographic]


Online promotion of projects became one of the essential elements to develop the customers’ interest towards the products or services offered by the company. Knowing how to promote your blog in a timely and consistent manner can further amplify the reach of your content/offering to your target audience.

The need to market brand assets (i.e. blogs) is rising from one year to the next.

This is the reason why I created this guide, “120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs” to help you establish the foundation for your new blog and hopefully experience the results that you actually wish for.

I divided this guide into three parts:

And I added a BONUS infographic below just for you! If you liked it, you can share it to your friends via social platforms (Facebook, twitter,  Google+, etc..) or post it on your own blog using the embed code below the infographic.




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    Hi Venchito Tampon,

    Under social media every one is OK except Instagram. Is it too good for doing social media like others ? Google trends are really useful for marketing research thanks dude for sharing such an informative infographic

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      Thanks for your comment Agriya. It’s essential to choose the right social platform for your marketing campaign. This will be based on the type of industry you’re working on and how your customers behave in the community. (e.g. Pinterest will be one of your social arsenals for food blogs).

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    Venchito has gone to great lengths to gather up 120 excellent ideas for building out a new blog or website, for that we thank him. In an effort to communicate this information more succinctly and rapidly, he went on to create what he calls an infographic. The purpose of an infographic to graphically display a story. Extensive imagery is used to help quickly convey the main messages while light copy is used to communicate the supporting messages. Font treatments and color are used to identify importance and to help guide the readers eyes through the maze of data contained in the story. Not all stories are suited for an infographic–this is one such story. Here is an example of a good infographic. Remember, a picture is worth a thousands words, but a thousand words do not make an infographic.

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    Wow this is so much stuff! I didn’t even get through half of it, but definitely bookmark-worthy for every blogger! Especially for beginners, but the advanced too have so much to reconsider 🙂
    Very cool

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    This is really an informative and contetn rich infographics. We would like to share this infographics with our audiences to our 80-20 Blog. The source will be ofcourse mentioned. Hope its fine with you?

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    Waw, What a awesome infographic! I was found it at and missed accidentally second or third part of this. Today I am glad to found it and I have bookmark it to read completely and apply to my blog.

    Thanks again to make this awesome infographic 😛

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    @Venchito Tampon,

    Underneath social media every one is OK apart from Instagram. Is it also superior for doing social media like others? Google trend are actually helpful for marketing study thankfulness for contribution such an revealing infographic


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    Hi Venchito,

    Info-graphic is a best source for graphically representation on any demo post or any guide, this through anyone can easily understand of topic life cycle. by the way i want to say you thanks for your awesome work, great effort for making best info-graphics..

    Mohd Arif

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    Hey the infographic is not loading/ showing. I read some of the tips you from your links. It helped me a lot. I suppose their are so many Filipinos working on SEO, web design and content marketing. These tips are very helpful.

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