Link Building Agency

Digital Philippines is a link building agency based in Manila, Philippines that provides high quality link building services to local and offshore clients. We bring the following characteristics of links to your website:

  • Relevant or niche-specific
  • Match to your brand’s unique selling points
  • Editorially-driven and/or naturally obtained through content asset creation

We don’t just submit your website to directory submission sites to get links. We plan, research and execute appropriate link building techniques to be able to acquire the types of links that can improve your site’s search performance and generate sales for your business.

We focus on a natural approach in link building to get rid of any future link-based penalties that will cause your site’s performance to decline and stop bringing any leads/sales to your company.

We don’t guarantee any certain amount of links since we believe that the number of white hat links varies depending on the nature of industry of the brand, its existing content assets and unique selling points.


Throughout the process of building links, our white hat link building agency will provide to you a customized spreadsheet to keep track of all the link building activities we’ve been doing in a link building campaign.

Because we know that every cent of your money should be worth invested to, our link building report will serve as a transparency figure and answer all the questions you have in mind during the link building process.

We stay on the line so if you want to ask questions for updates or would like to suggest ideas, then you can immediately contact us via email, Skype or other collaboration tools.