Link Building Packages

We charge our link building service in an hourly basis. The minimum rate is $25 per hour.

One link building package is equivalent to 25 hours of link building work (including all the activities required to get a link). These 25 hours doesn’t indicate the same amount of links that we can acquire for your business.

A link building by the hour considers many variables.

Here a few things that we consider:

  • Type of industry. Getting links in the health industry is more difficult than acquiring backlinks in a tech niche. In short, there are no certain amounts of links that can be expected to earn each month for all types of industry.
  • Goals. The goals set for a blog is different from goals set for an ecommerce website. For the former, one good example of goals is to increase the number of subscribers whereas for an ecommerce site, the goal may be to increase the number of sales for each product displayed online.
  • Strategy and Tactics. There is no strategy that fits all sizes of businesses and all types of industry. In the tech industry, broken link building can be the most effective link building tactic. But for a mommy blog, you need to execute a more personalized technique to acquire links in that particular niche.

There are still other factors that we considered to determine the right link building price and the considerable number of hours to get links for one business.

High Quality Link Building

Some link building packages offered by other SEO firms include certain number of links that they will build for a website in a monthly basis. A common package consists of 500 directory links, 40 profile links, 80 web 2.0 articles and 400 social bookmarking links.

That link building package doesn’t work anymore.

Search engines are now intelligent enough to separate high quality links from low quality ones. They are now devaluing the aforementioned types of links since they’re not really adding any value to a website/business.

What types of links we can get for your business?

High quality editorial links and brand mentions.

An editorial link is a link placed within the body of a content that is given naturally by other websites to specify a resource. It is actually a mention of your brand or one of your internal pages on a relevant page of other websites.

Editorial links from high quality blogs/news sites and/or resource pages are good links to target since they are mostly above the fold of the page (which Google consider as a best placement for a link) and they can bring referral traffic and potential customers to your website which is mainly the aim of your business’ marketing strategy.


We can share spreadsheets with you to give you real time updates of our work. This is to show the transparency and quality of our service.

If you still have questions regarding our link building services, then you can reach out to me via email [] or visit our contact us page.