Content-Driven Link Building Services

Why links?

Links are considered votes in search marketing. They can help your page/site earn higher ranking on search results for a certain keyword. And when your target page gains search visibility, it will become easy for your brand to get search traffic and potentially acquire leads and sales which is the main goal of your business.

What is our link building process?

link building process digital philippines Content Driven Link Building Services

Let’s dig in to the activities of each aspect of the process:

Industry Analysis

  • Discovering the top most needs of users in the niche.
  • Determining the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to be able to set an industry benchmark.

Link Audit

  • Looking for potential risks in the site’s link profile to prevent any future link penalties. Low speed removal of toxic links together with slowly acquiring  of high quality links would help the site for its recovery.

Content Inventory/Creation

  • Identifying available resources of the brand.
  • Creating new content assets based on the users’ necessities in the sector.
  • Analyzing the content’s unique value proposition.

Link Prospecting

  • Setting up link metrics to assure the value of links and improve the efficiency of work.
  • Searching for relevant and high quality backlink sources for content/link placement.


  • Customizing email pitches depending on the industry’s competitiveness, behavior and link building tactic.
  • Continuous dialogue with the target webmasters for future collaboration of work or for another ink opportunity.

How to get our link building services?

You can use the contact form below and get a FREE 30-Minute consultation. You can also email me directly at venchitotampon [at] gmail [dot] com

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