Manual Link Building Service

At Digital Philippines, we provide manual link building service to help websites earn the right reputation on the web, improve their search rankings and generate leads and sales for their businesses.

Why automation is not good for link building?

With the link-based updates by Google almost thrice a year, it is imperative that the links acquired are not automatically built given that automated link building often times will produce massive links at a single time, which is a red flag for Google and for other search engines.

In today’s search improvement, building links should be done in a natural approach. And we, in the link consulting team are expert at providing useful and natural links for your site using the right processes, tools and resources.

We create content both for search engines and users

To attract high quality backlinks, we produce content pieces on your website that are optimized for search engines and are targeted to a specific group of audience (or persona). This could help your website earn search traffic and improve your backlink profile as it will attract links over time.


We build relationships

Manually built links result to long term relationships. At Digital Philippines, we help you build solid relationships with the right people (those that you want to engage to your business). These relationships will be useful for your website to further get links in the next outreach or link acquisition process.

What do we do?

Our link building team can manually built backlinks for you that will not only bring relevant traffic to your site but will generate leads and sales for your business.

Our manual link building service has an assured quality of work. We provide weekly link building report in a spreadsheet format to keep you updated with every task aligned to our link building process.

If you’re looking for a manual link acquisition service, then don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below or visit our contact us page.  

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